Strategic Placements. Predictive Technology.

About Vesa Health & Technology

Global Scope, Focused Service

We work with clients worldwide to provide staffing solutions for businesses and municipal government, state government, national government and international organizations and agencies. Vesa Health and Technology focuses on providing highly qualified human performance and optimization professionals across geographically dispersed locations, both in the Continental United States and the OCONUS.

Named in honor of the revolutionary Flemish anatomist, Andreas Vesalius, Vesa Health & Technology operates on a strict doctrine of pragmatism, research and futuristic strategy planning. We continuously strengthen our knowledge of customers’ requirements so that we can successfully meet your needs. By doing so, we ensure the delivery of the best quality people, products and services, with minimal turnover thanks to strong benefits packages, incentives, and awards.

Vesa Health & Technology is part of your team, and our primary responsibility is to our customer. We collectively support our customers and our veterans, and their family members.

The Vesa Value

Vesa Health & Technology works in partnership with other successful companies to deliver cost-effective results. By doing so, we keep operational costs at a minimum while still mining the data to thoroughly assist our market and their needs.

Vesa Health & Technology, Inc. is supports federal, state, and local governments as well as private and commercial organizations. We are also Texas CISV, DIBE, HABE, MBE, and VBE certified.

Founded by Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Steven Gallegos in 2007, Vesa Health & Technology applies leading industry standards and lessons learned in staffing, information technology, disaster and emergency planning and preparedness, and medical equipment. Our primary business line is providing health care providers and staff in support of our nation’s military and their families. Our corporate office is located in San Antonio, Texas.

Vesa Health & Technology is a graduate of the City of San Antonio Export Leaders Program.