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Medical Staffing

Quality, From The Ground Up

Vesa Health & Technology, Inc. is committed to recruiting and retaining the most qualified medical personnel to ensure the success of mission objectives. For that reason, we have rapidly become the medical staffing provider of choice for hospitals, clinics, and other health care organizations seeking to grow their current staff.

Vesa Health & Technology, Inc.’s commitment is backed by the corporate support of experienced and knowledgeable federal and civilian health system administrators, along with a full-time, on-staff medical director and dedicated recruiter.

Update Physicians, Ancillary, Nursing, admin, log, Health & Wellness. We provide medical staffing for a multitude of positions, including:

  • Physicians

  • Ancillary Support

  • Nursing 

  • Administrative
  • Logistics
  • Health & Wellness

  • Special Forces Support
  • Various other medical professional and support staff